November 1, 2002

I had planned, this

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I had planned, this weekend, to go and visit Arlene in Toronto,
where she was hoping to have a weekend to stock up on winter clothing
before going off to work at her new rotation in Oshawa. This plan has
been thwarted by the fact that she’s actually on call in Oshawa this
weekend. This is pissing me off. Not only is she working three weekends
in a row, now, but whoever she’s working for hasn’t even provided
her with a clean apartment with a working phone in Oshawa.

Let’s be clear on this – I’m not angry at her, but I am angry
about the situation. It bothers me intensely that she’s a) cold,
b) without winter-wear and c) living in a shitty apartment in
Oshawa. What bothers me the most, of course, is that I can’t do
anything substantial about any of that, and I’m getting increasingly
moody lately about this kind of thing. My plans for the weekend,
which had seemed very promising, are now pretty bleak. I’ve been
invited to a party, Hallowe’en theme, dress up, yay, but I don’t
know if I’m in any kind of a mood for that right now. I think that
I’d rather just sulk until I can find somebody to punch.

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