November 14, 2002

Tired. So tired, but

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Tired. So tired, but cannot really sleep. Not eating right, drinking
virtually nothing but coffee and now that Ultimate is gone until the
dome is up and running I have had very little real exercise. I’ve
had plenty of the fake kind; if you haven’t heard of milkshakercise,
bussing-to-workercise and sitting-on-your-ass-typing-stuffercise,
well, that’s because I’m a man on the cutting edge of
modern pseudoscience. We’ve all heard the tired advice about how
you should “listen to your body”, but lately all mine does is whine
and complain. “Your hamstrings are still shot from spring tryouts,
Mike”. “Mike, this is your stomach talking, and if you pour another
coffee in here I’m going to strangle your liver with your lower
intestine”. “Dear Mike, negotiations going nowhere, you don’t treat
us with any respect, we’re going on strike, we hate you. Signed,
Your Knees. P.S: Please send ibuprofen.” Honestly, who wants to
listen to snivelling like that?

Work has stumbled into a financial crunch that has shortened my work
schedule from Tuesday-Thursday-Friday to just the first two. My boss
has been as good as I could have hoped for with the whole thing;
he was up-front with me about it, assured me that he was happy
with my work and that this was only because it was a lean time in
automotive-sales land, and so forth. Not an ideal outcome, but if
I’m going to have to hear that kind of thing I’d rather not
hear it from somebody who’s obviously struggling to sugarcoat it.
He’s hoping that in my limited time that I can work on some blue-sky
futzing around with Linux, with an eye towards saving on some of
the unbelievably, insanely large licensing costs involved in running
an MS shop, and I’m looking forward to giving that a go. More news
about that soon.

So that’s my day. I could complain, but if other people spend as
much time listening to my complaints as I do that’s probably not
a winning strategy. Instead, I think I can clevery conflate my
complaints and wind up a with mixed blessing – tomorrow, I’m going
to take my newly-free Friday, go the the gym and spend the morning
killing myself with free weights. Not double happiness, I guess,
but the happiness market being what it is some large fraction of
a single happiness will be plenty.

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