November 18, 2002

Apparently “opening with the

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Apparently “opening with the rock is typical of a novice
, or so they would like you to believe.

Dear God, I’m going to be glad when today is over. Networked
computers should not be allowed to crash, especially when your OS
Design assignment is hidden on one of them. Double-plus-especially
when the machine to which you electronically submit those assignments
obstinately refuses to be a good boy and break with the rest of them.

Wizard needs food. Badly.

UPDATE – Wizard has done something that would almost certainly get you
expelled from cooking school. If that cooking school was the famed
Cordon Bleu,
they would no doubt reel out a few more feet of that famed Cordon and
hog-tie me with it before throwing me in a river or, as they say
in France, “riviere”.

I have taken mushrooms, fried them up with garlic, liberally added
just because there was one in my hand, fried that up,
took whatever you’d call that and added eggs, fried that
up and put it on to a sandwich, indeed several sandwiches
with Dijon and Gruyere.

I loved it. And if my stomach doesn’t successfully kill me in the
next few hours, I’m sure somebody French will try.

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