December 1, 2002

Wow. I just got

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Wow. I just got back from my first night of indoor Ultimate at
the Dome, the heated bubble that some industrious folk have put
up over Landsdowne Field and that’s pretty much it: wow. Social
Saturday Ultimate; Team Orange gained the lead, lost the lead
and then closed the becoming-ominously-large gap between the two
scores in the final minute on the way to a somewhat-glorious 15-15
tie with Team Green. It was the first night of Saturday Indoor,
which was obvious from the amount of rust everyone had to work out,
but it was nevertheless fun. Our team seems to range from people
who’ve played a few games and don’t own cleats yet up to, well,
me. And I yam whats I yam, so my teammates will just have to live
with that at this point.

Team Orange, though the search for a better name is on,
is going to be a good team. We don’t all have the same skills or
mindset, by a long way in some cases, but we all seem to be on
the same page as far as effort, spirit and intensity goes. It’s
reasonably clear that I’m going to anchor this team, and Gavin
pulled our only other handler off to another team that was getting
shellacked. But having said that, there’s no reason that this should
be frustrating or difficult – the players who aren’t experienced are
enthusiastic and the players who aren’t natural athletes are running
hard anyway; as recreational teams go, I couldn’t ask for more than
good, spirited folk.

This week, though, is going to be ugly and frustrating and
difficult, and will require the liberal application of profanities,
superlatives and, no doubt, the occasional anatomical or scatological
reference as well. I suspect that somebody at Carleton believes
that Deadline Consolidation is the way of the future – by making
everything due at the same time, we prevent that hazardous wear
and tear on the linoleum that costs the University so dearly.

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