December 10, 2002

She’s gone back to

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She’s gone back to Oshawa. All rejoicing will cease immediately.

Yo La Tengo did pretty well this weekend, though I’m not at all
impressed with Mehmet’s lackluster “slagging” efforts. I wouldn’t
have put that in scare quotes, but the pickings were really that
slim; Andrew did his best to keep up his end, but I just don’t
think he’s got a lot of bad-guy in him. The game was great, though;
we played a lot of fast points, and despite playing the stacked
team that destroyed last week’s opposition 23-3, we lost a much
more respectable 30-19. Yes, that’s correct – in two hours, we
played two full games, and afterwards my body (and indeed my whole
team, I think) was a wreck. I was really happy with the effort the
team brought to the field, though; if I’ve got the choice between
playing on a line of novice players who give their all every point
and a line of athletic, talented veterans who only try when they
feel like it I’ll take the effort over the talent every time,
so I think I’m on the right team.

I hope that the shards of my body that are rattling around loose
right now find their way home and knit or fuse or whatever they’re
supposed to do, and I hope they do it soon. Doctor Arlene, light
of my life, adamantly refuses to do anything medical for me aside
from pointing, laughing and informing me that I shouldn’t have
done that, which is extremely therapeutic for her but for
me not so much. So if anybody knows a chiropractor who specializes
in coaxing wayward knee fragments back into place, let me know.
My own wayward knee fragments seem to be lodged in my shoulder,
so I might be an interesting challenge.

One thing that was not much of a challenge, I found
out on Sunday, was my badly-hobbled ability to run away from
Arlene of the Freezing Hands, with her dread desire to apply her
sub-zero-temperature appendages to my standard-human-temperature
torso and mock my cries of distress. I think they gave her bonus
credit during her B.Sc. for being able to do the liquid nitrogen labs
without using any liquid nitrogen. Damn. This is why I have
to eat so much at Dim Sum – it’s fuel. If I don’t, it’s hypothermia
for sure. Generating enough heat to warm an extra hundred and ten
pounds of Arlenesicle up to a civilized temperature is my only
defense against that woman, I swear.

At this point in the recounting of my various injuries I’m tempted
to say “you should see the other guy”, but in fact the other guy
is an acre of cement-backed synthetic turf, which as of press time
reported no ill effects. I managed to do all this to myself without
injuring anyone else; I’m not sure what that means, really, but a
few more scars is always good, so I’m going to put an X in the win
column and sleep with my knee braces on.

Brief note: those of you who aren’t dial-up lepers should get
yourselves to BWM
, which you might rightly guess to be glorified car ads,
but which are nevertheless the coolest thing of any kind that I’ve
seen in quite some time.

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