December 16, 2002

Blarg. Definitely blarg. A

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Blarg. Definitely blarg.

A few weeks ago my job was trimmed from three days a week down
to two. I’ve had it trimmed from those remaining two down to
zero; I’ve joined Geoff, Coop and Amy in the ranks of
the unemployed. I had a good run at that job, considering that it
was supposed to be a month-long stint, but I’m disappointed to see
it end; it was the first job I’ve had that’s been right up my alley,
and having a job you enjoy and co-workers you like and respect is
really all I could have asked for. My former boss seemed dismayed
by the whole thing, and told me about some of the things he’d hoped
to have me working on for the next few months; this apparently came
as a surprise to him, too. Still, as when I got the hours cut back
my boss was up-front with it, which I appreciated. He’s going to
write me a nice letter of reference, and he’s offered to hire me
back if and when the money’s available, but understandably couldn’t
commit to anything. Still, having a former employer who’ll say
he’d hire you back in a minute if he had the opportunity is a very
strong recommendation.

That said, I don’t envy the job left for the guys I worked with,
a staff that has just been cut from five to three; the amount of
work to do hasn’t shrunk, and we were running thin beforehand. I’m
a bit leery of the whole thing, really: apparently in the meeting
he had with upper management in which this decision was made,
upper management expressed their desire that the I.T. department
be a revenue-generating part of the company. This is, my boss
and I agreed, ominous – I don’t know how an I.T. department might
meet those expectations and stay an I.T. department, as opposed
to a web-hosting or some other net-service group. It seems a lot
like asking the accounting department or the plumbing to generate
income. But they’re in charge, and people who are in charge have a
remarkable way of getting what they ask for whether it’s what they
actually want, or need, or not.

Though the timing is of somewhat Grinchy, my Christmas will not fit
in the largest of cartoon sleds, nor be towed uphill by the most
muscular of tiny antlered dogs. I’m considering myself fortunate,
as usual – I’ve had a good run, learned some good stuff and made
enough to cover last term’s tuition, with a bit left over to visit
my girlfriend and buy her dinner once or twice.

Update: Sean fended of the academic hordes and defended his Masters’
thesis successfully. Huzzah!

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