December 20, 2002

A few anecdotes for

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A few anecdotes for you.

First off, it’s official – I’m an addict.

The headaches I’ve been getting this week seemed to clear up the
moment I went back to two or three cups a day. Headaches are, to me,
unexpected; I have very few functional nerves left in my head and
most of them are on endorphin detail, so when the head starts aching
I’m immediately put in touch with my inner hypochondriac. What
causes headaches? Meningitis? Ebola? Aliens? Rational thought
quickly triumphs, though, and after rubbing down with iodine and
making sure my tinfoil hat is properly grounded I go out to find
a cup of coffee. Trivia: the Gulf of Bothia separates Finland and
Sweden, and the combination of knowing that and living right
allows life to occasionally provide you with a free coffee. And
I tell you, that coffee immediately put my biochemical Feng-Shui
into proper alignment with the cosmos; bang, headache gone. So much
for detox.

I really don’t like the idea of being chemically addicted to
something. Psychological addiction I’ll put up with, ’cause it’s
fun, but this messed-up-brain-chemistry stuff is, forgive me,

Anecdoto Numero Dos: I’m going to have to talk to my Ultimate team
about stacking, cutting and clearing with a very stern voice at our
next game. I was in the Shwa last weekend with my slave-driver of
a significant other, obviously missing the game. I found out upon
my return that two of our players had collided late in the game,
which is not good, a guy and a girl, which is worse, the girl
took the worst of it, which is unsurprising, and she landed hard
and couldn’t get up afterwards, which was double-plus-worse. She
was promptly taken to hospital and diagnosed with a season-ending
“several cracked ribs”, which is incredibly, unbelievably bad,
but when I finally heard this described as “incidental contact”, I
just about had kittens. Cracked freaking ribs. Christ,
I’ve never even heard of cracked ribs as an ultimate-related

Anecdote the Thirde: Coop
has found work just in time to get his Boxing Day Sale on and maybe
give his obviously-inadequate home entertainment system all those
features it’s been sorely missing, like Mondo-THX, ejector seats,
self-awareness and live ammunition. Really, I’ve only been by his
place once but the sad inadequacy of that system was a palpable chill
in the air, as though the ghost of Betamax were rattling its chains
in the room. It reminded me of the painful strain of peering
at that miniscule porthole of a TV that Shaver and Tyla used to own.

Double-happiness-good on Shaver for hooking Coop up; Lustre
looks really cool, and I’d go to work for ClusterFS
in a second if I had a marketable skill. Rooting goes now
to Geoff who despite vague
implications of impending Zen is well overdue for a break. In the
meantime, the fact that Shaver has included both Geoff and I on
a list labelled “smart people” gives me warm, fuzzy hope, and if
those ClusterFS guys ever file a requisition demanding 150 pounds
of angry, caffeinated biomass I expect a phone call.

Confidential to G. S.: Remember, a lukewarm Satori is worse
than no Satori at all.

In the meantime, I have an exam at 9:00 Saturday
. I have not seen The Two Towers yet. This is
intolerable. And insufficiently italicized. The
next fifty-five hours or so are going to be unbelievably hectic;
Jamie’s in town, we’re hoping to reel in Masato who is also in town,
and we’re hoping to go see LotR:tTT Sunday night. After that, I’m
going to be getting my John Denver on and leaving on a jet plane
for Cozumel, Mexico very, very early Monday morning.

I am deeply shamed by the fact that Masato and I haven’t spoken in
aeons. It’s bad enought that I haven’t seen most of my friends in
bare weeks, because both school and I have chosen the same
month to suck, but I’ve had Masato’s e-mail address written on my
desk in red ink for literally months.

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