January 1, 2003

Too much to talk

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Too much to talk about, too quickly. I’ve come back from Mexico,
had a great time and got to see my family, an astonishingly opulent
resort and many acres of magnificent Mayan ruins. I didn’t take
my laptop at all, so the full account of that will have to wait;
it’ll take some writing-up. I burned six rolls of film, though,
so glorious scans are on the way.

I’ve spent New Years at Kat’s cottage, which partly involved
fun and mostly involved reading “The Snows Of The Kilimanjaro”
and remembering old pain, so I don’t think I want to do that
again. Though I am happy to say that I built one hell of a fire.

This afternoon, I played in and won the New Year’s Day
Ultimate Tournament held in the Dome, playing both Mehmet and
Geoff’s teams on the way to a gritty, hard-fought finals. We
went undefeated on the day. Woo!

My legs are going to seize up like set concrete tomorrow. And my
knees and back are planning something, I just know it.

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