January 2, 2003

Today, I’m going to

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Today, I’m going to Kingston. Arlene is in Kingston, and with luck
we might run into each other. Who knows? If that doesn’t work out,
I’m going to have to find somebody else to shower with gifts and
affection, so anybody who wants in on that should go to Kingston
and loiter or something.

Outstanding slag of the tournament, from Dave Milks: The story is
that I had a one-yard-wide lane in which to throw to a clearly-open
woman, cutting to the back corner of the endzone, but it’s crowded
and she’s getting there fast, so it’ll have to be a hard throw. I
lean into it, really rip it, and send it about ten feet over her
head and into the wall of the dome at about Mach two.

Dave mentioned afterwards that “I wasn’t sure who you were throwing that
to. I didn’t see anybody on the ceiling…”.

Thanks, Dave.

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