January 15, 2003

According to this machine’s

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According to this machine’s referrer logs, over the last year people
have found my website after searching Google for, among other things,
the following:

  • majic belly
  • starburst music marketing
  • samosa diagram
  • wedding pictures jpg
  • ikea jerker desk photo
  • Museum of Popular Custums
  • “solar winds” ottawa chin
  • mark antony’s speech suggestion
  • Jean Chretien Henry Kissinger
  • record great lake snowstorms
  • sleepless goat kingston
  • examples of toast speech poem for a wedding anniversary
  • street fighter movie quotes satan
  • IKEA Jerker for Music
  • French Custums
  • “good speech ideas”
  • need to sell export garments in Toronto
  • clippy suicide note picture
  • mitel options password crack
  • belleville shitty
  • “george orwell” “politics and the english language” spoken
  • “Looks like you’re trying to write a suicide note”
  • face expression word smileys emotions -chat -internet
  • “saturday night” tab brood
  • cookie store toronto
  • clippy suicide note
  • IKEA jerker wanker
  • dog find oshawa
  • “matt boyd”
  • memphis slim
  • lee seigel harpers
  • dim sum richmond hill
  • oshawa psychic fair

For some reason I am experiencing fear.

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