January 15, 2003

I have, over the

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I have, over the weekend, played and won a game called
“Diplomacy”. Aside from being a fact that is absurd on its face,
it was also an interesting exercise. I’ve only played it once
before, but since then I’ve heard a few pieces of advice from
a guy named John
, who’s said a few things that have stuck with me. The
most important one, which I think Andrew could have used, was the
Novak Stab Doctrine
, but this
from way back was what stuck with me while Alex was
doing all my heavy lifting for me.

Hopefully everyone will have forgotten this result a few years
from now when we play it again, or at least we’ll have somebody new
around I can pleasantly cooperate with until they’re well and truly
bent over. “I’m sorry, I seem to have dropped something behind that
barrel over there. Would you be so kind…?”

Apparently we’ve narrowly averted the T.A. strike here at Carleton,
an event which only bugs me because it brings the subject of Unions
up at CCSS lounge. Listening to a dozen undergrads argue about
politics is predictable, and exactly as much fun, as watching a
wind-up toy tumble down a flight of stairs.

Well, back to class. I get to spend an hour and a half listening to a
parsing howto, while the coffee fights the rolaids for control of my
digestive tract. There can be only one!

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