January 16, 2003

My attempt to move

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My attempt to move away from
, which have been described by both my friends
and my instructors here at Carleton as “suck”, has been thwarted. No biggie – I’ve made a
contribution to the cause, woohoo, and it’ll be fixed
soon. If you’re reading this with IE, don’t even bother
clicking on those links – instead, hustle thyself here and get the latest version of Phoenix.

Feeling very disconnected today. Arlene is coming to visit this
evening, and by God, I hope that I can get my head on straight before
she gets here. All today, all yesterday I’ve blundered through a day
that felt like a Tarantino film sans guns, choppy and disjoint; stare
at one thing long enough, and suddenly it’s not related to whatever
I was looking at last. I am experiencing serious discontinuities
during context-switching. Driving anywhere is almost impossible,
walking is proving somewhat halting, and I am having trouble coping
with any monothreaded situations. If there’s more than one thing
going on I think I’m OK, though, strangely. I have no idea if this
is a problem or not – whenever the inside of my head stops working
properly, I’m reminded of the old Bosstones line:

“Thought I was down as far as any man could go /
thought my highs were giant size; I know now that’s not so.”

“I guess I really don’t know how to party”, is the name of the song.
I’ve felt pretty good at times, and at some times felt pretty
miserable, but for crying out loud, I really haven’t had it
bad at all. So plan A is suck it up and deal.

Update: If you do happen to pick up the latest version of
Phoenix, you’ll understand my
absolute horror at discovering that dysfunctional,
troglodyte markup tags like <MARQUEE> still work.

<blink> Gack! </blink>

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