March 17, 2003

Some of the responses

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Some of the responses I’ve had to the recent entries have
been fascinating – we’ve all been familiar for a long time
with the benefits of “human-readable” code, as opposed to good
old Hexadecimal, but the idea of high-level code as a social
construction or social contract is enthralling. I’ve never,
ever heard it formalized like that before. It dovetails
very nicely with a number of other ideas about implicit
communication and societal behaviour that I’ve picked up over
in the English Lit. side of my life; it reads a lot like
, if you’ll believe that. I’ll have more on that soon;
I’ll even have some future-proofing around here next month, but
since I’m rolling my own solution here for the experience, I’ll ask
the casual reader for patience while I toy with, indeed iterate
, this whole Getting Things Right process. Those of you
who chew your nails to the quick as you hang on my every word will no
doubt feel as unto a gnat in the hurricane of my indulged narcissism,
but if you really feel like that you probably deserve some abuse
so I’m not going to lose too much sleep over it. Seriously, take
a Paxil and go outside.

I’d like to add something here about my Kingston trip,
a wondrous thing that involved some outstanding Pad Thai,
strawberries coated in lemon-zested caramelized sugar, the
most beautiful woman since the invention the ribcage and a damn fine
, but these things will have to wait until sleep is had,
and perhaps clarity is achieved.

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