March 20, 2003


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I really don’t mind all the attention you get when somebody
like Shaver says you have something interesting to say, but
finding out that your server has been mirrored by some bizzare Japanese
singles site
is something else entirely. You probably
shouldn’t click on too many of those links if you’re at
work, by the way. Thanks, Mika, for letting me know what the hell
that was.

Today, I biked to school for the first time
this year, and I’m going to take a minute to tell
you about something I think every home should have –
a Shimano
cassette, basically a special edition of the gears on
the back of the bike. It’s got an incredible, indeed Mega,
gear range, going from twelve teeth in the smallest gear to a
monstrous thirty-four in the largest. In short, the highest gear
gives me a grown-up version of the incredible liberation you felt
as a kid when you went from one gear to three, and with the largest
gear I feel like I could pedal my bike up a vertical ladder.

I’m so, so glad that spring is here.

Update: Apparently, Tyla
also wields a mysterious
power. Together, the two
of them might be unstoppable. Flee!

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