March 27, 2003


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No news today – cleaned up my stylesheets a bit, so it might look a
tiny bit different to those of you who desperately need to go outside.
I’ve simplified a couple of things that will make my life easier during
the Great Realignment next month, when the Master Plan approaches phase
two. This will mostly involve Future-Proofing and some Automagic Page
Generation and Many Other Opportunities To Talk With Capital Letters;
I could do all of this with other people’s stuff, of course, but I’d
rather roll my Own.

In the mean time, I’ve had a couple of new responses about
some of the XP stuff that I’m going to compile and post,
mostly about pair programming. For those
of you who not only don’t program but don’t care about programming
in the least I promise that I will also try to make with the funny;
even the non-geeks out there will have something at which they may look
down their noses at their leisure. Think of the possibilities!

Oh, yeah – sorry if you happened upon this page while I was messing
around with it. My fault, not yours.

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