March 28, 2003

Spontaneous Infuriation

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Ok, yo – if any of you know a reason that compiling a kernel would cause
my machine to spontaneously reboot in mid-compile, let me know. This is
intensely frustrating, and I don’t understand what’s going on. It doesn’t
hang or generate an error message or anything – it actually power-cycles,
and then e2fsck tells me the file system is completely hosed if I’m
, and if I’m unlucky the machine gets part of the way
through the boot process and then spontaneously reboots again.

Even the eminently useful Tomsrtbt
isn’t booting properly, even though I had Win98 and then Mandrake working
without complaint on this machine not long ago. This is extraordinarily,
tooth-gnashingly frustrating. Time to get some fresh install CDs,
it looks like, and maybe a fresh CPU/mobo.

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