March 29, 2003

Spiritual Infarction

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I haven’t really gotten home early enough to watch any daytime
TV lately – I don’t usually watch much TV at all, barring The
Daily Show
and CNN. I tell
you, though, if you speak enough french to keep up, get yourself
over to TV5; between them and The Passionate Eye,
CNN looks pretty childish.

The rest of daytime television is just
a write-off.

  • I don’t think it’s so much that everyone loves Raymond, but
    I think that given their alternatives, everybody will tolerate Raymond.

  • According to Global, in response to the recent SARS
    outbreak, Air Canada is going to refuse passage into Canada to people
    who have symptoms of an infections disease. Apparently a surprising
    number of ticket-wicket chair-moisteners have advanced medical training
    which they would be glad to employ in the defence of our country at no
    charge. I feel safer already.

  • Home Improvements is still on. Who new? Who cares, really, but
    who knew?

  • Note to CanCon types: you are making our country
    look pathetic. It’s embarrassing, it really is. Just as
    a practical reality, if I may, it is not enough for a comedian to be
    Canadian. They must also be funny.

  • I really believe that there is such a thing as Canadian culture,
    and Canadian humour, but shows like “Canadian Idol” and “An American
    In Canada” just make us look like a bunch of third-rate wannabees.
    “An American In Canada” isn’t “a classic fish-out-of-water” story,
    you dorks. It’s a tired joke that plays to our freshly-reinforced
    national insecurities. Try making something new and interesting, for
    a pleasant change.

  • Are “travel alarm clocks” a natural resource of some kind, maybe
    some tribal holdover rewarding the skilled hunter? Apparently, there
    is very little that you can do that, if you do it in the next ten
    , will not earn you a travel alarm clock. How good a plan
    can that be? How often do people who sit at home watching TV during
    the day leave their own time zone?

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