March 31, 2003

Linux == Crap

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Every time I try to move away from the Evil Empire’s software, I’m reminded
of why they’re winning. I spent a big chunk of this weekend trying to
get Mandrake running and talking to the outside world with a new NIC,
and it only took my entire weekend to find out that this NIC doesn’t
work. It might be the NIC, but Google Groups is whispering to me that
it might be the shortcomings of the driver. Plugging another NIC in,
my tragically-ISA eePro, it seems to work right. Why does the old
non-Plug-and-Play stuff work, but the brand-new ostensibly-PNP toys
just sit and blink furiously at me?

Once I got that done, I now-easily moved my MP3s over to the Linux box,
which has my only burner in it, with the idea of burning a few mixes
before bedtime. I can remember the days when this was a simple thing –
I dragged, I dropped, I clicked the little fiery-looking icon and we were
ready to go. In Mandrake 9, though, I apparently have to convert all of
my MP3s to .WAV files in a console before I can then burn them to CD.

I’ve been screwing around with Linux now since RedHat four and change,
always just for toy projects – I don’t need much more than gcc, make,
vi and gdb to do my thing. And that’s a relief, because every time
I look at something that’s supposed to make it more “user-friendly”
I’m reminded how much of Linux is exactly like so many of the people
I know who love Linux: technically brilliant and socially crippled.

I’m going to sleep.

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