April 24, 2003

Strange Query Language.

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More content soon. For now, there’s only this, an old
speech by Douglas Adams about the Ages of Sand that I urge you to read,
and the following Scary Search Queries that I have accumulated in the
last month. As per usual, people have found this site by searching for,
among other more mundane things, the following:

  • Home workers for Prima Jewelry in Toronto Ontario Canada on King Street
  • step by step kung fu defence diagram show you how pictures
  • sars symptoms lifecycle
  • belleville ontario heroin addiction
  • Slice of beautiful woman diagram
  • Swatch Halley’s Comet
  • beautiful man jpg
  • servis shoes marketing strategies
  • Biggie Mouse Pointers
  • Market strategy in spiderman movie

Let me be the first to assure you that you will not find a beautiful
man here.

April 23, 2003

Two out of three.

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Double-happiness: Vancouver in, Toronto out.

This is mitigated slightly by the loss of Colorado to the
painfully-nineties-named Wild; I don’t fancy myself an Avalanche fan, but I was
once a Nordiques fan and I do have some sour memories of the year that
the city of Quebec got screwed out of a much deserved Stanley Cup.

In fact, the province of Quebec got hosed twice that year, if
memory serves: first by the player’s strike that eventually forced the
sale of the unbelievably-strong Nordiques (whose 1993 lineup including
Joe Sakic, Valery Kamensky, Mats Sundin, Adam Foote and Owen Nolan, plus
a Get Out Of Eric Lindros Free Card they traded in for Peter Forsberg,
Chris Simon, Mike Ricci, Kerry Huffman, Steve Duchesne, Ron Hextall, 2
draft picks and $15 million bucks) and then by the on-ice mismanagement
of the unbelievably-stupid Canadiens coach (Tremblay?) who hung Patrick
Roy (who you might remember from such films as “Les Canadiens, C’est
Basically Moi” and “I Can Carry A Crap Team To A Stanley Cup”) out to
dry for nine goals-against in an 11-1 ass-handing when the rest of the
ostensibly venerable Canadiens just gave up, resulting in Roy quite
justifiably flipping out and an immediate trade to, you guessed it,

So, I’m a proxy-Colorado fan, in some small way. Better the devil you
used to know once way back when to the devil who’s from Minnesota,
or something. Here’s looking forward to our well-rested Sens knocking
over the conveniently pre-abused Flyers with all speed.


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So, I’m concerned a few days ago about the
way I seem to react to stuff. Folks tell me that I’m overreacting to
my lack of reaction, giggle, and I reply that when the entire herd
is quite visibly feeling the same way about something and you’re
wondering if you should be hand-cranking your adrenal gland just
to fit in, that can be pretty alienating. Imagine being caught in
the middle of a zillion screaming teens at some boy-band concert,
and not knowing who’s about to get on stage or what the big deal
is when they finally do; it’s a bit like that. So I took the
that Shaver threw out, and it turns out that I shouldn’t be
allowed to interact with people in an uncontrolled environment. I ended
up in that distant corner of the graph reserved for people with Asperger’s
. Sweet. It’s a good thing it’s all a bunch of
pseudoscientific hand-waving, or I might care marginally more than the
“don’t” that I’m caring right now.

Just think, I spent a good ten minutes on those tests. I could have
asked Mehmet or Geoff and got the same answer from them in moments.

April 22, 2003


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Ok, so maybe that Friday thing was a bit of a fib.

At the very moment that I write this, the Flyers
have left the ice at the end of the second carrying a five-one
over the Leafs.

Boo, Ya.

Hey, wow, look who I’ve

Six-One! Woot!

April 21, 2003


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Not much here until Friday, because it’s exam time.

One thing – I’m trying to get a Debian network install going, and on
a motherboard that I’ve recently discovered to have badly broken PCI
slots, this has been a nightmare. The most fun I’ve had so far is that
my net connection (as brought to you by my very-standard ISA EEPro)
has been transferring data with the sprightly enthusiasm of a jogger
who’s found the wet cement; very fast, kind of fast, slowing, slow,
soooo sloooow, stopped, sinking, help, mrrrph, wave, bubble, gloop,
silence. And I don’t understand why. That fucker worked fine a week
ago. The worst part is that even though I don’t know what’s going wrong,
and don’t have time to fix it, bringing the interface down and back up
again seems to spur it on. Hence this:


ifdown eth0
ifup eth0

I’ve called it “ethpoke”, and I’m not proud. But until I have time to
figure out what the hell’s going on, I’m going to go with what works.

why hast thou forsaken me?

April 11, 2003

This Is Somewhat Embarrassing, Updated

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Last night, getting CVS installed and running on my home machine,
I spent a few awkward moments trying to get superuser rights with no
success. I can’t log in as root? This is the right password… Shit,
I’ve been rooted! Somebody’s boned my machine! Red

So, like a complete knoob, I briefly thought somebody had cracked my
ostensibly-secure Linux box. Then I took a look at the console window
into which I’d been attempting to log in as root, only to see that
it was actually a console on Shaver’s machine. Shit, I’m an idiot!
I’m trying to bone Shaver’s machine! Red alert!
Well, maybe not a red alert, but perhaps an explanation is in order,
so that next time he flips through his server logs I don’t look like
a lunatic idiot vandal ingrate.

Very embarrassing. Claims of my 1337ness have been greatly exaggerated.

UPDATE: what with me being dumb ’cause I don’t know much about the
internals and various tools related to systems administration, but smart
do know how to read a spec and parse stuff (which has got to be the most
hazardous, toxic kind of smart out there), when a system that I’m in
co-charge of at school needed to change all of their account-expiration
dates, I decided to use the tools I had at hand and went blundering
through the /etc/shadow file with vim and a meaty regular expression.

Seems to work, which surprises the hell out of me. Confidence was high
for most of the operation, but I got a pretty serious “please don’t
break” frisson out of the whole experience. I even had the
obligatory mental Omen Of Disaster come flapping out of my subconcious
like a raven dragging entrails, cawing that it would have been a much,
much smarter idea to use a somewhat different regex.

Again, it seems to work. Huzzah, and phew.


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A few things.

  • Those of you with broadband need to whet your appetites with

  • Those of you who like the art at Megatokyo will certainly enjoy

  • Despite the fact that it is surprisingly cruel, this is also really
    funny. You might have to right-click and save that one to look at it.

  • This
    is supercool – London at night, from orbit.

Arlene is on the way. Huzzah!

April 9, 2003


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Today, I was ten yards away from a guy at the Dome when he went up for
a disc, came down badly, crumpled and stayed down. He whimpered for a
second; very quietly, I thought, for a guy who’s left leg was folded
ninety degrees sideways about a quarter of the way up his shin.

After we’d piled him into an ambulance fifteen minutes
later, the game took a while to get going again. My man Geoff
was a visibly shaken. I just wanted to throw for a minute before the
game got going.

Last week I came across this article,
that had some interesting things to say about how people’s reactions
shape how they feel more than the other way around. Nice that there’s
some scientific foundation for it, woo, but when it gets right down
to it I saw a fellow human snap a bone in front of me, and I felt
nothing. Even the act of phrasing it in these self-centered terms is
repugnant. I felt nothing, and I’m concerned and a little bit afraid
of what that says about me, ashamed of myself for even thinking in
those shallow, self-centered terms when a good guy has just broken his
god-damned leg.

You can’t rationalize emotions. I guess it works the other way around,
too; you can’t de-rationalize unresponsiveness either. I wonder which
one’s worse.


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Just to throw this into the collective pool, I thought I’d put in an
entry on how the freshly-renovated plumbing in Chateau Blarg works. When
it gets down to it I think a toadstool could probably figure this out
and improve on it, but here it is; you need PHP and symlinks for this
to work, but that’s about it.

‹?php readfile("../../header.html") ?›
‹?php readfile("../../slogan.html") ?›
‹?php readfile("daily.html") ?›
‹?php readfile("../../tailer.html") ?›

There it is. Put that in your weblog’s root directory, call it something
and symlink index.php from the year/month subdirectory to whatever you
call it. Have your daily entries link to themselves. My header file
includes the stylesheet and the title, and the little bit that puts
“Mike Hoye” in the upper-right corner there. The tailer.html file is
where I keep the sidebar over on the left side, and all the necessary
closing tags.

In the root directory, my actual index.php file is one line:

‹?php header("Location:");

This I adjust when the month rolls over.

That’s it, that’s the whole thing. I’m looking at PHP for some more
elaborate stuff, like the rotating-slogan stuff that Shaver and Phil’s
blogs employ (“Rug Czar”. Heh.) but for the moment, I’m happy with it
as is.

Alex sent me this, which made me feel a little bit better:

To be ethically ashamed of not being severely affected by seeing pain
is to diminish the ethics of professional medical workers who are not
severely affected by seeing pain themselves. I think it’s more correct
to see your reaction as a rare ability to do the right thing in a crisis.

Thanks, man.

I toyed for a while with the idea of exploring the difference between
ethics and morals as they relate to the phrase “ethically ashamed”,
which I think is a phrase carrying a lot of overhead, but that
will have to wait until I can get CVS working on this machine. No
reason, really, I just want to fix CVS first. As always, I solicit comments about
my opinions, my decisions, whatever.

April 7, 2003


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Sorry for the absence. Updates will be sporadic because school is
school, and a significant part of my future will revolve around
not screwing up the next few weeks.

You might have noticed your browser bumping around a bit when you got
here – I’ve changed around a couple of things, including adding some PHP-related foolishness and muddling with
symlinks that should give people a way to link to particular
entries that’ll still work come the next new moon.

I’m feeling very proud of myself, here – I’d reworked all of this in
Perl a few days ago, and when I finally sat down this evening to plug
it all together on Neon not a damn thing would work. The culprit’s
right here:

#LoadModule perl_module   modules/
LoadModule php4_module    modules/

Crap. Workaround: learn PHP. Which I did, enough for my purposes in half
an hour. All I’ve got to do now is track down the hordes of people who’ve
linked directly to one of my articles in the last few months and ask them
to make the appropriate change. They should all (read, “both”) be OK with
that. I should add that the biggest reason I’m feeling proud of myself
is that I’ve managed to avoid wasting smart people’s time. I’m sure
I’ve more than made up for that with this entry, though, boy howdy. Pre-2003
entries are broken for the moment, but they were so badly broken anyway that
it’s hardly a big deal. I’ll fix that shortly.

If anybody out there knows how to make a DI-604 stop
dropping my SSH sessions like it’s been shot in the hands, you’d make
my life complete. That firmware update is a vicious lie.

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