June 2, 2003

Seven Parts, Prologue

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The biggest news of the day is that my good friends Chris and Darcy
are expecting a child. Their status as Only Fully-Formed Adults In My
Circle Of Friends was confirmed when this news met with both adulate
congratulations and concerns about how it would affect our Ultimate
rosters. To our credit, however, this was considered both in the short
and the long term.

This is both wonderful news and hard, in “yo, this is Life calling, it
might be time to grow up” terms, to cope with; given that just before
dropping that bombshell on us we’d had a wrapping-paper-snowball fight
in their living room, there was an intensely wierd bipolar tension
on the room’s maturity level for the rest of the evening. Kids! Good
lord! They’re good people, I’m sure they’re excellent breeding stock and
so forth, but still, kids! People of my generation actually
have kids
! Who knew?

While I’m aware of how the general process works, with the holding
of the hands and the stork and so forth, I’m still somewhat emboggled
by the whole thing actually taking place. I feel like a kid watching
a comet or an eclipse; on some level you’re aware that this kind of
thing happens all the time, but it’s novel and strange and fascinating
anyway. And I’m just some guy they hang out with, not even a member of
the concerned couple; Chris and Darcy must feel like they’re teetering
on the edge of Cloud Nine.

I was going to talk some more about my weekend with Arlene, ’cause
a surprising amount of her visit was sketch comedy made flesh, but
I’m hard pressed to make the great, funny stories I have to tell
match up to this news. I’ll have more later, of course, but for now
all congratulations to the expectant family and good health and
fortune to all concerned.

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