June 5, 2003

The Shiznit In Question

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Sean, my man, this
one’s for you
. Get out there and get your nizzles shizzled, folks
– it’s all on the up and up. When I get back here, I don’t want to
see a single unshizzled nizzle in the hizzouse, or there’s gonna be
tribbles. Or, um, something. Yeah.

I’m getting my Business prereq out of the way
at Carleton this summer, a “Management Information
Systems” course and boy, if you’ve ever wondered where pointy-haired
come from, I think I may have uncovered the source. The
incubator, if you would, the hatchery for tiny pointy-haired bosslets.
In this course we are learning how to pronounce literally several
cutting-edge technologies. And the course is moving so quickly;
we just don’t have time to cover any of them in the kind of depth you’d
find in, say, saran wrap.

I’ll do what I can, folks.

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