June 17, 2003

Growing, Pains

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Today on the way to school I saw an infant, a cute little kid,
nursing away at a bottle of suntan lotion while his mother
gazed beatifically around at nothing in particular. After overcoming
the stunned shock that had rooted me briefly where I stood I pointed
this out to her, which earned me an “Oh” and after several painful
seconds of watching the gears in her head tick slowly around, some
actual problem-solving motion, taking the lotion away from her son and
then tucking it back into the crib next to him.

I consider myself something of a lefty, in favor of socialized medicine
and so forth, but I really don’t think that my tax dollars should have
to be spent unfucking whatever’s going to go wrong with this kid in
twenty years when the person responsible for it is clearly standing right
here. A cute, inquisitive, defenseless kid; just for a moment I thought
that if there were any justice in the world, society would cover that
poor kid’s medical bills by selling her organs on the black market.

If common sense were a thing you could hold in your hands, I would
have sharpened it down like a prison shiv and shoved it right into
her neck.

I see today that the Canadian government is not
going to appeal
the recent judicial rulings on same-sex marriages.
Double-happiness, both a little more equal rights in the world and
a big, moist pimp-hand slap to the zealotry wing of the religious
right. Legislation, presumably including laws about spousal benefits and
adoption, is apparently on the way. After what I saw today, all I can
think to say is that I strongly suspect that percentage of gay couples
in the world that are doing a crappy job of raising the kid they never
wanted in the first place has got to be significantly lower than the
national average, and anything that helps skew that stat downward is
just fine with me. And the chance to watch the Canadian Alliance froth
impotently is a thick, rich gravy, nearly a meal unto itself.

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