June 18, 2003

Bad user. Bad!

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I have, at some point, got to start seriously looking at the console
that I’m working in before I get my incompetent-sysadmin on. You know,
so that I don’t spend any more time trying stuff like getting root access
on the school servers or trying to get the CD in my laptop mounted on
Shaver’s machine in a Toronto colo. So that I can, you know, listen to
it on my laptop. Because the cable on these headphones is four hundred
miles long.

I should give Mike a call and just tell him my root passwords,
so that we can make extra sure that he never, ever uses them for
his machines. With the amount of effort I’ve spent trying to shoot
my whole leg off with hdparm and automount in the last hour or three,
he’d probably just have somebody burly sent by to rub my face in the
smoking remains of a hard drive, whack me with a rolled-up newspaper
and scold me.

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