June 26, 2003

Movies, Talkies.

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I’ve linked to commercials before, the BMW Films and so forth. Shame
on me, really. I don’t mind it, if they’re good interesting fun. Those
of you who have broadband should waste some of your time on the

  • The Sundance
    Online Film Festival
    site has a bunch of great short films stored
    in a very unevenly-designed site. The homepage, for example, promotes
    the 2004 run but doesn’t seem to link to the 2003 site, and the 2003
    site doesn’t seem to link to some of their films like this gem,
    A Ninja Pays Half My Rent
    . “It’s actually working out alright. I
    hardly even know he’s there.”

  • These guys are the reason that I
    never play ping

  • Lose
    The Belly!

  • I may have found the perfect pet
    for Arlene, but you probably shouldn’t tell her I said that or she’ll
    hit me again. You’re probably going to have to right-click-and-save
    on that .wmv file, but it’s not too huge. For those of you
    wondering what that could possibly be about, it turns out that it’s the
    real deal
    . The thing that the Stanford people probably never
    mentioned is that keeping a herd of narcoleptic dogs around is a comedy
    goldmine. Well, that’s all for now – it should keep you busy until I
    have something interesting to say. In the meantime, to the lab, Beeker,
    to the lab!

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