July 1, 2003

Whiskey +Tango +Foxtrot

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On the heels of the recent
“Is Google God?”
articles, I have taken a moment to examine
my referrer logs to find out what people have come to this site in
the hopes of finding. Google clearly moves in mysterious ways, Its
wonders to reveal. It is an arbitray, capricious God of the old school,
treating humans like pawns in some idle game of its own devising. At
least, that’s what my referrer logs say. Google might be the first
divinity whose potency is subject to analysis, and the results are not
promising. I recall an old MASH episode where the Father asks somebody
“Does God answer all prayers?” to which he replied “Yes. And sometimes,
the answer is No.”

Well, if my referrer logs are any indication, Google
periodically says “No” and then points and makes the Nelson Muntz
laugh. Last month, people found my website searching for, among less
interesting things, the following:

  • 1337 speak
  • 50 cents mario brothers song
  • artificial ingredients cheese whiz
  • asperger syndrome blog
  • hedonist ontario sex
  • big code of bruschetta japan
  • blarg virus
  • boxing related headaches
  • calvin hobbes love
  • canadian idol is a joke
  • cooking classes in downtown Toronto
  • cracked ribs
  • crap game dice throwing methods
  • damned jpg
  • definition of blarg
  • dishearteningly
  • disney lifejacket
  • electroshock stop smoking program
  • faded pants
  • greeting card ladder fall
  • halley’s comet swatch
  • hoye board game 2001 software free
  • hulk movie oshawa
  • hydro tooth fairies come out in the night
  • ikea jerker
  • incredible hulk model CGI
  • it looks like you’re trying to write clippy
  • Jean Chretien Sound Files Funny
  • jerker desk instructions
  • JuJu canadian idol
  • lifejacket child
  • mac hall cthulhu conscience
  • Martha Stewart old maps
  • microcephalic teens
  • moose ponds
  • morbidly obese friendly furniture
  • oshawa psychic fair 2003
  • peices of world trade center
  • photoshop counterintuitive load of crap
  • QA methods tailing server logs
  • quicksort java multiThread
  • reading the snows of kilimanjaro i learned
  • sartre deathbed conversion
  • scientific method biology cell
  • seratonin reuptake inhibitors
  • servis shoes
  • sex therapy playa del carmen
  • shock and awe calvin hobbes
  • standard human temperature
  • steve jobs +Arlene -pirates
  • stupidest package instructions
  • tooth pulling
  • two pierced ears
  • union station big clock
  • unsuspecting poutine
  • when did wizard magazine comic prices start sucking
  • where to buy a batman shirt in ottawa
  • Which film contains “This is why Superman works alone”

I’m a little concerned about the “Steve Jobs +Arlene -pirates” thing,
and I can certainly forgive Google for not really understanding what
somebody asking for the Japanese Code of Bruschetta or “Unsuspecting
Poutine” might really be after, but I’m having a hard time believing that
anybody would end up here looking for faded pants or a Disney lifejacket.

And the fact that this site shows up on a search for the word
“dishearteningly” is, well… Hrm.

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