July 21, 2003

It Comes With The Job

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So, I’m freshly employed. I’d be enthusiastic, under most
circumstances; money, woo. It’s at Carleton, though, and it’s so
poorly organized… One of the things that you know in your bones
if you’ve ever worked I.T. is that bad management flows downhill,
and I.T. is pretty much at the bottom of the hill. The place I work,
with the Piles of Roughly Similar Stuff, the Cables Kind Of Everywhere,
the Items Of Suspect Provenance and Parts Of Dubious Functionality, has
all the hallmarks of a team of guys who are Winging It. I can hardly
blame them, when the morning’s to-do list gets turned into tomorrow’s,
possibly, to-do list by a phone call from a manager who’s calling to
let you know that the movers haven’t actually moved stuff yet, so we’ve
got to find something else for you to do. My co-workers are coping
admirably, but it’s still coping.

So I’m taking money from them, in exchange for my ill-guided time,
which I’m going to use to pay my tuition later, and it’s pissing me
off. You don’t shit where you eat, is basically what I’m saying. I
don’t like seeing the waste, knowing that I’ve got to help pay for it
in about two months.

You know it’s a bad sign when one of your co-workers tells you that if
you stop caring, the pain stops.

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