August 1, 2003

Solving Problems

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Before I get into the geek stuff, and I assure you there will be
geek stuff
, I would like to get the following questions out of the
way. I don’t normally like to blog politics, because the world situation
is currently so appalling that I struggle to write anything brief or
competent about it, and if there’s anything that the world already has
enough of, it’s mediocre political punditry. I try, but what results is
either pages and pages of anger, confusion, bile and fear, or nothing.

But here, I hope briefly enough, are some things that I’ve wanted to
put pen to ether about recently.

  • Once they’ve caught
    , what are they going to do with him? Assuming they
    take him alive, they’re going to charge him with… failure to
    kowtow to the U.N.? That would set one hell of a precedent. Failure
    to put up a decent fight? Failing to live up to expectations? It’s hard
    to know either way
    , but if being shot
    in the head can now be referred to as being brought
    to justice
    then I know where my money is.

  • If anyone can tell me why this
    managed to pass muster as a good idea, I’d love to hear
    about the process. You’d think that the Israelis, being,
    you know, largely jewish, would find laws like that uncomfortably
    , but I guess not. Achtung, Palestinians!

  • “If
    you want your family released, turn yourself
    People are aware that taking hostages is
    a war crime, right? I’m going to make a mental note to append
    those words
    to any further discussions of military policy in the
    region, just to put them into the proper perspective. “The Iraqis will welcome us as
    ; if you want your family released, turn yourself in.”

Every time I open a newspaper, I want to cry.

On to the geekery.

Ok, so as you might have guessed, it’s really all my
fault. I learned an awful lot more than I cared to about how X organizes its fonts before I twigged
to the fact that they’re all stored in gzipped files, and that a failure
to open one might not be because X hates me, or because I spoke ill of
gdm while gdm was listening, or whatever.

[mhoye@Protagonist mhoye]$ df
Filesystem            1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda2               3651144   3651144         0 100% /
/dev/hda1                 97570     10423     82109  12% /boot
none                      30708         0     30708   0% /dev/shm

There’s the culprit. Where did all my drivespace go? I don’t have
any mp3s or movies in here or anything. Where are have all my gigs
gone? I had at least a couple of gigs, I thought. Well, I didn’t have
that many, but I guess I’m going to have to get some more. I’m going
to try to get myself some X source code and see if I can make head or
tail of it. I stand by my assertion that the error message in question
was completely uninformative. Mike
even suggested that if the X server was so deeply fond of
“fixed” then it should be compiled right in, and I agree completely
with that assessment.

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