August 2, 2003

Epic Saga.

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Today, I biked out to Manotick,
so that I could play three consecutive games of Ultimate
at a tournament called “Co-Ed Jamboree”. I am amazed at how little
that the game takes out of me these days, even after an hour’s ride. I
can play hard for hours, now. Being in shape is so, so sweet.

I’m apparently not working hard enough, though, because our team is
0-3 on the day. I’m going to have rabies on the field tomorrow, I can
just tell.

Tomorrow night, and if you’re a citizen of California I feel you should
take note, I am going to have an absolutely epic shower. This shower
will be a Saga of shower-taking, the Mother of All Showers, before
which all other showers will seem as merely a brief rinse. I intend to
carve a notch out of the North American fresh water supply that will
cause automated alarms across the arid desert states of the South to
clamor in desperate unison. My great-grandchildren will remember this
shower, and speak of it only in hushed and reverent tones. In centuries
to come the story of this shower, through the telling and retelling,
will become myth and then legend. I intend to stride boldly, without
fear or hesitation, into that uncharted territory on the far side of
prune-fingered, to peer through the steam with clear eyes and face
whatever destiny might hold.

I’ll let you know how
it turns out

Some entertainment for the rest of you, to tide you over
until get towelled off and put some damn clothes on; Batman:
Dead End
is pretty cluttered for a short film, but every piece of
that clutter is supercool.

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