August 3, 2003

Concerning The Keeping Real Of “It”.

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It is about 4:00 P.M. right now, and you’ve got between right now and
a minute after I finish this entry to get your utilities-related house
in order, because that’s when the Shower will start.

Today, our team played really, really well. Our team is not composed
of monster athleticism or the “super” brand of natural talent, and that
may be the thing that I like most about it. We’ve got some really good
players here, for sure, but there aren’t any all-stars – I play on a team
of grinders, men and women who bust their asses every single point to get
the job done because they have to, and I love it. 1-1 on the day,
we really got our shit together in that first game. We came back from
12-10 down to pull out a 15-14 win on our first game of the day against
a far better-staffed team, as clean and hard-fought a win as you’d ever
be likely to see. There were a lot of better teams at this tournament
with a lot more athleticism and talent than we could bring to the field,
that showed a lot less drive and class this weekend than we did.

Two quotes:

“It doesn’t take talent to hustle.”
– H. Jackson Brown

“When you get into the end zone, act like you’ve been there before.”

Tom Landry

Now, for the Shower.

Update: GAH! Sean has knocked on my door, and wants to get
dinner! I am thwarted! Curse you, Gadget!

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