August 21, 2003


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Ok, apropos the blackout. The good:

  • The local Pizza Pizza found themselves a generator and, being the
    only people for miles serving food, they made out like bandits.

  • Those local merchants selling staples like water and candles, who
    could overcome their primal fear of basic math also overcame the lack
    of cash registers and likewise did very well for themselves.

  • People were for the most part incredibly civilized about the whole
    thing, so much more than usual that I thought that they should turn
    all the traffic lights off every weekend. At major intersections that
    I passed everybody was being patient and had a good sense of how things
    should work and when their turn was, and it worked out pretty well.

  • The demo of my little distributed-processing toy, for which I was
    woefully unprepared, was pushed back to a later date, and subsequently
    well. I feel I am watched over by a long line of strange and powerful

The bad:

  • Dear Idiot Teenagers: if you’re going to vandalize something, don’t
    choose the 24-hour bagel store which, under any other circumstances
    short of Ragnarok, would have two police cars parked in the lot virtually
    all the time. Civilized people do not shit where they eat. Smart people
    definitely don’t shit where on-duty cops eat. Morons.

  • Dear CBC: As you are no doubt aware,
    you are the freaking CBC. People turn to you
    for information. Please, for the love of all that journalists might
    possibly hold holy, don’t fluff out your programming in the middle of the
    largest blackout in North American history with insipid human interest
    stories. This is just one man’s opinion, but people might not care so
    much about home maintenance tips and the Indomitable Human Spirit when
    they have questions about whether the water’s safe to drink, where it’s
    safe to go for medical help and when they can expect the power to come
    back up. For a while there, I thought that Fox News had seized control
    of your transmitter under cover of darkness. I sensed a great cringe,
    as though a billions of neurons suddenly twitched reflexively, and were
    suddenly silenced.

  • Dear Right Wingers, My Brother True Believers To The North And The
    South: Good work guys, you were right, the whole mad scheme worked
    out great. For an encore, you can deregulate my left nut. Bunch of
    fucking idiots.

I’ve got me a new wireless NIC, an ASUS, and as usual trying to
accomplish anything with Linux that less than ten zillion other people
have also done with identical hardware is an unmitigated nightmare. I
thought I was off the reinstall treadmill, but I guess not. I’m
going to have to keep better notes this time, because I’m tired of
having this machine lie to me about what’s going on. Starting
PCMCIA services [ OK ]
my pasty-white ass. If it was [ OK ],
I wouldn’t have had to cobble this together and sudo it whenever I felt
like beating my head against the wall again:

[root@Protagonist sbin]# cat gocard

insmod pcmcia_core
insmod yenta_socket
insmod ds

/etc/init.d/pcmcia start

I hate having to do crap like that. In addition to exposing my marginal
competence to the harsh light of day, it’s also a sign that I have to
employ said marginal competence to deal with the marginal competence
of a bunch of other people. It’s like the Yin and Yang of pissing me off.

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