August 22, 2003

Signal, Noise

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A word about signals, noise, a certain brand of processed luncheon
meat and a certain class of “entrepreneur” who habitually enjoys carnal
relations with the creatures that purvey that luncheon meat, typically
while the luncheon meat in question can still push back. Though not,
perhaps, exclusively.

Paul Graham wrote an interesting
page or two about dealing
with spam
, in which he talked about the possibility of a “learning”
filtering system. The whole thing looks good, and I thought it was cool,
but the direct consequence of the Bayesian filters he has inspired is
that I’m now getting spam composed entirely out of random strings of
commonly-used words
, not advertising anything, presumably designed
to make the whole “e-mail” thing completely unusable for people who
employ those filters. Sort of the same way it’s completely unusable
for everyone who doesn’t use filters these days.

You evil bunch of pigfuckers.

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