September 17, 2003

Sound And Vision

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Today’s entry is media-rich.

First off, my Dad has sent me some pictures from
, where some of my relatives are living. So far they haven’t,
knock on the ample supply of bone-dry tinder locally available, had
their neighborhood burn down. Nevertheless, they’re going to run
out of red pixels
pretty soon. It’s easy, almost reflexive to feel
small in the face of an event like that, and I think that people are
right to feel that way. Alone, we are that small.

On a more cheerful note I would like to inform the rest
of you of a small piece of information, simply that Americruiser makes
best funk records
. Give it a listen. If you take nothing else
away from that song, they’ve made sure you’ll get that one thing,
that Americruiser does in fact make the best funk records.

Finally, the flash animation du jour which is, like
most flash, best viewed on all the drugs you can muster, is here,
with your speakers turned on and your brain turned off. If you are at
all susceptible to catchy, pointless stupidity, turn back now.

I’ve been having a lot of fun today with xplanet, a cute little linux tool
that lets you take planar photos of the earth during the day and at
night and superimpose weather images over top of them, and then use
those to generate an image of a globe. I tell you, the fact that I
can quite casually fool around with hours-old satellite photos on my
laptop gives me a childlike, Buck-Rogers thrill. Been following the hurricane
lately? Well, you should see it in context.
While we’re on the subject of things that make you feel small, that
there’s a swirling cloud of two-hundred-miles-per-hour winds that you
could use to hide Florida twice.

Maybe if we’re lucky, the rain will make it all the way to the west

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