September 18, 2003

Ph3@r && L0@th!ng

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I’ll jack the next car that comes down the street. You

I’ve got a neighbor, I don’t know who, who’s running an unrestricted
wireless access point, and as a result I now have free, unlimited
wireless broadband coming into my room. Works fine for me – I use
ssh for pretty much everything and I start all my services by hand,
when I need them, so I’m not too worried about getting h@XX0r3d.

Nevertheless, I’ve started playing around with things like nmap,
nessus and Driftnet and I’m
telling you, kids, this network security stuff is serious shit. And I’m
starting to get seriously paranoid. Little things like ssh returning
the wrong prompt (“Password:” where I expect to see “mhoye@wherever’s
password:”, for example) are starting to make me very nervous. I’m going
to take a good hard look at what my home network is doing this evening.

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