Ph3@r && L0@th!ng

I’ll jack the next car that comes down the street. href="">You

I’ve got a neighbor, I don’t know who, who’s running an unrestricted
wireless access point, and as a result I now have free, unlimited
wireless broadband coming into my room. Works fine for me – I use
ssh for pretty much everything and I start all my services by hand,
when I need them, so I’m not too worried about getting h@XX0r3d.

Nevertheless, I’ve started playing around with things like nmap,
nessus and href="">Driftnet and I’m
telling you, kids, this network security stuff is serious shit. And I’m
starting to get seriously paranoid. Little things like ssh returning
the wrong prompt (“Password:” where I expect to see “mhoye@wherever’s
password:”, for example) are starting to make me very nervous. I’m going
to take a good hard look at what my home network is doing this evening.