September 18, 2003

Search Results

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I have mined the referrer logs late at night under a moonless sky,
sprinkled the rich earth with grep and sanctified their remains with
perl, and I am left with the query strings of the Damned:

  • occidentalized OR toss OR happening OR precluding OR whirlpools
  • does anyone hear
  • clock OR algenib OR pothole OR rhesus OR declaring
  • How long is an average human neck
  • weasels OR stencils OR flotilla OR chillers OR hedonist
  • pantless dent school
  • red ink causes headache
  • overmedicated antihistamines
  • ordering online prozac for parrots

I promise you that I do not make this stuff up. It’s eerie that I’m
somehow related to an FBI document on concealed weapons (a document
that in part instructs airline security staff how to recognize knives
disguised as bullets, I should add), and I don’t know what
“pantless dent school” could possibly mean. But between that and the
idea of feeding prozac to parrots, my mind is boggling hard enough to
trip a seismometer.

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