September 22, 2003

You cheat, Dr. Jones

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boot -f dksc(0,5,8)sashARCS
boot -f dksc(0,5,7)stand/fx.ARCS --x

See that? Odds are good that it means absolutely nothing to you. Zero,
nada, zilch. And you know what? That’s OK. You could probably have
gone your whole life without ever seeing those particular characters
in that curious order and still lead a full, happy and rewarding
life. You could get an education, a job, raise a family, get promoted,
study philosophy, paint watercolors, write a book, run for office,
climb a mountain, cure a disease and die in your sleep at a venerable
age surrounded by loving family and friends without ever giving the
slightest, tiniest fuck why booting something, dash eff sash whatever
might be important. However if you, like me, are trying to resurrect
an Indy that has been horribly abused with a half-assed Debian install,
then those two lines are absolutely critical and you’re really not likely
to do any of those other nice things, and you’re learning to live with
that. Only took me two days to figure the boot-whatever thing out,
too. Woo.

My SGI Indy,
graciously abandoned to my care in a Shaver-displacement of yore,
is a lovely little box, aside from the fact that it’s hanging randomly
whenever I try to get Irix installed. I know it’s not the RAM; Geoff
provided me with a second machine, just the box, mobo and processor,
and I’m going to swap them out and see what happens. I’m not familiar at
all with the hardware or its behaviour and I can’t find any references
to this kind of problem on the web, so I’ve pretty much been reduced
to the lead role in the oldest tech-support joke in the book:

What happens when a tech-support weenie blows a tire?

He changes all four to figure out which one is flat.

Very frustrating.

This is old news to people who’ve known it for a while, but my man Nick is in Japan. Keep up,
he’s good at that thar writin’ thing, what with his fancy education

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