October 17, 2003

Super MP3 Tiger Punch

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ProductIntroduction This product can bring you unexpected audio quality and advanced multi-function of memory. It’s very convenient to use.
To insert the personal stereo into the USB interface, it will be displayed as a movable memory disc automatically on the desktop till MP3 or other documents are dragged to the disc.
This cabinet digital personal stereo MP3 player is excellent in its timber, it can play 8-12 hours continually with a AAA battery, and be connected to the interface of computer to enjoy music directly.

That’s right; we’ve fired all of our translators, and we’re passing the savings on to you.

A few weeks ago, I bought an MP3 player from a local computer store, and I was very briefly thrilled. $122 was quite a deal for a 256 megabyte USB key & MP3 player, basically a beefed-up version of the Creative Labs MuVo for a fraction of the cost. And, briefly, it worked exactly the way you’d want these things to work. Then, all of a sudden, my 256 MB player would only take 128 MB of stuff. Shortly after that, it would take 0 MB of stuff, which I regard as suboptimal.

Being an entirely reasonable man, I went to the store and asked for a replacement. It was under warranty, it is clearly broken; the people at PC Cyber are also reasonable people, they gave me a replacement right away, and were courteous enough to let me test it before I left.

Good thing, too, because this next one broke in the store. You should never, ever purchase this product, is basically what I’m saying. I and the handful of other people who brought their players in at about the same time are in agreement about this.

Witnesses will confirm that at no point did I snap even the merest fraction of the number of available salesperson spines, though I really, really wanted to. Moving 256 MB at USB-1 speeds is, measured in international standard standing-around-in-a-store-like-a-dork units, an egregiously long time. Flip out? Not me: take a deep breath and a moment to choke back the bile, and I’m cool enough to skate on.

They offered me either a credit or, for a few dollars, an upgrade. I said that if their upgrade didn’t suffer an irreparable, catastrophic failure the first time I tried it, I’d consider it. So, because my time has absolutely no value at all, I spent 25 minutes testing the next model up, that includes an FM receiver as well. Woo. Briefly put, the mind-bending shittiness of Ottawa radio stations is one of the reasons that I’m in this store struggling to keep my hands from twitching. But what the hell, maybe it picks up the CBC. So after another standing-around-like-a-dork bit-shifting session, this device passes, and I drop an extra couple of bucks.

So far, the rare hard-reset aside, I’m happy, and pretty much nowhere without it. It eats batteries like a thing which specializes in quickly eating batteries, and the “FM radio” feature is just a bag on the side, requiring its own three-volt watch battery, but rechargables make everything palatable. It even lets me record voice into a little mic, and has a bunch of marginally-useful equalizer settings. You’d ever know any of that from the documentation, of course, because the manual is engrish from end to end, but at least it’s all discoverable.

If you’re not bored yet, thanks for sticking that out.

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