October 30, 2003

La Instalacion Es Busted

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I’ve gone looking for help around campus with an Irix install, because
the available documentation for this little project is as cold, thin
and useless as an aging supermodel. The school’s admins haven’t worked
with it, the architecture guys ditched their ones years ago in favor of
PCs, and that’s pretty much that. I even stooped so low as to ask the
CompSci department’s admins, which got me a “which version of Solaris
is that?”, which was a bit disconcerting, because of the two admins in
our department, that was the smart one.

I don’t even bother talking to the other one anymore, pursuant to the
very simple logic that if you bring your problems to somebody who is
incapable of solving those problems, then your problems will not be
solved. Q.E.Stop Wasting My Fucking Time D.

But there was one bright spot, near the end of my day, when I
was discussing my situation with a group of the school’s hardware
admins. The conversation went something like this:

“Do you know anything about installing Irix?”

“No, not really… we used to have some old SGI boxes, but… One second.”

The fellow went out, and brought back a young woman with a South American
accent of some kind, who promptly laughed at me.

“Irix? Ha ha! And you’ve
got what, like, a stack of a hundred CDs? Ha!”


Yes, I do indeed have many, many CDs. She then went off to find some
documentation that she wrote herself, being the only person who wrote
such documentation back in 1998 in Argentina, just to give you an idea
of how far afield this is getting. So, now I’ve got some technical documentation.
And it’s written entirely in Spanish. I speak a smattering of Latin, which I thought
might get me through.

I’m wrong about that. I’d like to share my first reading of this
documentation with you:

The sequence that typically passes for the installation of an 02:

  • Boner the CD “Installation Tools And Overlays Aug 1998”
  • Insert the the machine and bleed on the escape key to put your foot on the install mode.
  • Pregnant of turkey installer, elegy CDROM local.
  • When wearing the install menu, choose 13 (ADMIN)
  • Elegy whore: “sh”.
  • In a line of commandos, boner fx for particular disco.

His feet choose for cabriolets in tomatos, in the partitions you create
now. The correct order is to create the partitions that have faults
and loogies and resize with cabriolets in tomatos. The command assigns
resting partitions that rest freely and automatically.

Our estates will band together into one 100MB partition.

Soil the command with velvet atlas in the menus.

Now, in the menu, choose mkfs to make the partitions limp. The debris
that is mkfs loves partitions (root and user). If it doesn’t work at
first, insist.

That’s the first half of the first page. As you can see, it might be
possible to filter all the relevant informacion out of there, but
it’s going to be thorny. But our estates may well band together into a one hundred megabyte partition. I insist.


  1. That totally makes up for not warning me that I’d see “mpicc” in a previous entry.

    Comment by Mike Shaver — October 30, 2003 @ 9:03 am

  2. mpicc is evil? I hadn’t been informed.

    As far as I can tell, it’s just irritating.

    Comment by Mike Hoye — October 30, 2003 @ 12:47 pm

  3. MPI configuration makes baby Jesus cry. (Really, though, Coop takes care of all of that for me, so I just experience sympathetic fear, or something.)

    Comment by Mike Shaver — October 30, 2003 @ 6:48 pm

  4. Almost sounds like my engrish J-Phone manual. “Estates” is probably the verb “to be” in some conjugation, as in “como esta usted?” You could ask the Argentinian woman for a translation.

    Comment by Nick Hamilton — November 1, 2003 @ 1:10 am

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