November 4, 2003

The Opposable Thumbs Are No Guarantee

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Dear Diary:

If you do not subclass your Components and remember to override the inherited paintComponent() method, then all of your dozens of pages of code will do absolutely nothing useful. Flickering at you now and then until it falls off the end of an array doesn’t count as useful.

This problem, and many problems like it, can avoided in the future by learning to read.

Hate you, hate everybody, going for coffee,

– Mike.

P.S: Hate.

November 2, 2003

Victory Wrapped In Bacon

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Everything tastes better when you wrap it in bacon, and I submit to you that victory is no different.

Today, our team’s doubleheader went very well: 15-13 and 15-14, hard-fought victories both. Geoff is the man. Coop is also the man. Indeed all of the members of my team have achieved that coveted “the man” status, including the women. It’s just that Geoff and Coop are the only ones with websites, so there you are. We were just that good, with the possible exception of that part in the middle of the second game where we were chumping it up something fierce, but it all worked out in the end.

The downside to all of this is that I think I have pulled muscles that I had previously thought unpullable. A groin, sure. Hamstrings, yeah. Whatever, everybody pulls those. My groin is fine, as are my hamstrings; I think that I’ve pulled the back of my skull, the inside of my forearms and possibly my ass.

I don’t know how one goes about pulling one’s ass, but here we are; I’m on my couch, and I’m thinking that if it’s all the same to you I’ll just sit here until I die of dehydration or a critical Advil deficiency or something.


November 1, 2003

Two Great Tastes

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You’ve spilled your glowing yellow blood in my pod!

You’ve spilled your acidic blood on my pulse cannon!


Aliens Versus Predator. I have a thirteen-year-old’s funny-in-my-pants feeling about this movie, which is almost certainly going to be terrible but which I absolutely have to see. There is also a featurette available, if you do not feel sufficiently funny in your pants.

Good Government

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Last night, after shooting pool for a while, my man Geoff and I decided that it was a beautiful night, so we went out and threw a disc around on Parliament Hill until about three o’clock in the morning.

It’s quite a kick to live in a country where you can do that.

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