Her Name Is Rio

I don’t normally like to partake in the dumb quizzes that seem to saturate low-rent weblogs; it makes me feel foolish and unclean, as though I’ve fallen in a clown-colored mud puddle. But an old friend of mine sent me this, and I was shocked and ashamed at how much of it I could rattle off from memory.

I could have lived a full, satisfying life without being reminded that Luka lived on the second floor. Now I feel that knowledge like a parasite inside me, slowly corroding the bars of its neuron cage until the horrible day of its final escape, when it can consume the tattered remnants of musical taste whole. It’s hungry, I feel it. Hungry like the wolf.

Thank God Kish, or MC Miker & DJ Sven didn’t show up in that thing. That would have been awful.

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  1. dorkSpotter

    That’s quite a memory you’ve got there. Now if you can find a way to raise that I.Q. of yours, you might make something of yourself.

  2. Mike Hoye

    Golly, you sure are funny.

  3. Coop

    Hrmm, I’m not so sure about his scoring system. I left a few blanks and still ended up with a score of 102.5. I think that’s probably grounds to kill myself anyway, but I wouldn’t really want my last words to be, “Don’t turn around (uh ah oh), Der Komissar’s in town (uh ah ohhh).”

  4. Lara

    this is one of those quizzes that you’re almost embarrassed to score well on. It’s truly scary how many of those I remember.

  5. Mike Hoye

    Is there a nineties version of that around anywhere?

  6. sean

    If I lie about my score I feel better somehow.

  7. nick

    50.5. although i have to admit i did miss the police question, which i really should know.

  8. Mike Shaver

    63.5. I guess I grew up with that stuff, but I wasn’t watching the right TV or something. I am not at all surprised that Coop aced it.

  9. shaver

    I like that the lyrics page for “80 Days” has a link labelled “Read the latest Kish news”. As if.

  10. Mike Hoye

    Hey, that man was on the cutting edge of white-bread suburbanite hip-hop for at least three weeks.

  11. Coop

    Hey, he was the original Asiatic white-bread suburbanite:

    “Last stop: the motherland”
    “Yo Kish, you went to Africa?”
    “Nah, Japan”

    Also from memory :-)

  12. Mike Hoye

    Note to self: ph34r c00p.

  13. Sean Neakums

    A staggering twelve point five.

    There should be a Pink Floyd version of this quiz.