Sean asked me the other day why I use Linux, and it took me a while to think of the answer. Of course, my laptop immediately decided to pick this moment to tell me that I had to check my hard drive, because I hadn’t checked it in 49710 days.

Sean laughed, but I told him that no, seriously, that machine had been up and running since 1868. That’s why I use Linux. For the great uptimes.

I’ve got my reasons, and I think they’re good ones, but sometimes it’s hard to remember them. Like, say, when I’m trying to plug in a piece of consumer-grade hardware.

Or, say, cut and paste things.


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    And the ability to warp the space-time continum. Wait, is that a feature or a bug?

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    I assume the real answer has to do with your deep-seated fondness for green text on a black background.

    (I find that 90% of my reasons for wanting desktop Linux go away if I have access to a shell account elsewhere.)

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    I’m mystified with all the cut and paste problems that people have.

    Or problems in general, I suppose.

    This is one of those replies where I started out wanting to be constructive, but then stopped. Oops.

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    ps. Nethack for(;;)