January 6, 2004

It All Happened So Fast.

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So, if you’ve been looking around wondering where the rest of my site went, the answer is that it is gone. An attempt to remove a subdirectory of my web site was typed into a the wrong terminal window, and the Linux command line is a harsh mistress. I managed to control-c fast enough to save some stuff but not much.

rm -rf * is not something you want to treat lightly, no sir. It’s been five years since I made that mistake, and I hope it’ll be another five ’til I do it again. I’ll rebuild it as time allows, but we’ll see how that goes.

I tried some pretty fancy stuff to get that stuff back, including scouring the google cache, the wayback machine at and some more esoteric stuff like checking /proc for open file handles in the hopes that some of it could be resurrected, but it was all to no avail. A Movable Type rebuild and some google-searching got me back my weblog and PHP sidebar links, but the rest of this stuff is going to have to be rebuilt from scratch.

Well, fuck.

January 5, 2004

Happy New Year

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Happy new year, all. I’m freshly back from Toronto, and then Kingston, where I spent the holidays with Arlene’s family which, as previously mentioned, was tres wierd. Arlene’s company, as always, was far better than I deserve.

I see that I missed a few things, not the least of which was Chris and (I suspect mostly) Darcy’s baby shower, at which Alex took a number of nice photos. Darcy was, at last report, huge, and both she and Chris are very smart, so I believe I am not alone in expecting a fourteen pound infant born fluent in world history and capable of influencing the outcome of a die roll with the power of its disproportionately large mind. I for one welcome the arrival of our new infant-sized master.

In the back of mind, I’ve been putting together a list of “trouble words” and their corresponding owner. By “trouble words” I mean those things that the baby probably shouldn’t be uttering early in life, but that they’re likely to pick up anyway; for example, if the first complete sentence that this child utters is “that is such crap”, we’ll all know that Mehmet is the person who should receive the corresponding beating. I think I might be in the clear on this one, since most of what I have to say is incomprehensible noise already.

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