Meanwhile, Back In Adult-Land…

Today, double happiness.

Longstanding good friend Melanie sent me this simple page, and she and Michael could not have wound up with better each-others. No date yet, but I am expecting to hear about that soon enough.

Further, I finally got a chance to meet Catherine this weekend. “Darcy!” I shouted. “Bring me the infant!”

Well, not really. But I did get over to their place, and got to take some passable pictures of Catherine, which I have put up on Snapshot for your viewing pleasure.

I was allowed to hold Catherine for a few moments, which made me feel very small.

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  1. Lara Beaton

    Wow, if holding Catherine made you feel very small, you must be only about 6 inches tall!

  2. Mike Hoye

    Har har, it is to laugh.