February 19, 2004

Quickly, now.

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I’m in Picton. Access to the inter-web is brought to you with the help of Bakelite plastic and cheaply-made copper filament, a sure sign that I’m the manning the ramparts at the cold fringes of civilization. Todays spattering of poorly-articulated bullet points are:

  1. The radio in Ottawa blows. I was recently made to listen to six straight hours of it recently, and whoever it was, those jokers played Outkast’s “Hey Ya” five times. Apparently, nobody else in the world has made any interesting music in the last few months.
  2. Those of you who aren’t MC Frontalot fans should get on that.
  3. MIPS processors have mutable endianness. Holy shit, who thought that would be a good idea? And, since I’m now trying to get some Linux4.BE equivalent running on this goddamned Cassiopeia, I don’t even know which toolchain to try.
  4. Whoever assembled this laptop is a dangerous incompetent. I finally got fed up with the faint rattle I could hear when I shifted it and pulled it apart to reveal a half-dozen loose and two completely detached screws, one of which doesn’t even belong to this machine. Whoever you are, I want you to know that I will find you. Sleep tight.
  5. The radio in Kingston also blows. Dear Radio Personalities, if your job description involves the word “wacky” you’re probably not worth your weight in classic-rock eight-tracks. Thank God for the CBC.
  6. John Henson, whose Project bears his name, is painfully unfunny. There’s not even enough there for irony to get a foothold; the man is a grey slate wall of anti-humor. If he ever shakes hands with Dave Chapelle, a violent explosion will occur.
  7. Ruby, specifically Ruby/Tk, rocks quite a bit.
  8. Mailman does not rock. Not even a little. If there’s ever a binary ballast problem at Nexus, Mailman is going to be the first body over the side.
  9. It’s impossible to describe how talented, innovative, how plain-old goddamned good Tom Waits is. Superlatives quiver and scurry for the shadows like roaches; I’ve got a bunch of live mp3s, and they kick me into my chair every time I listen to them.
  10. If your childhood was spent watching the same cartoons as mine, the Complete Catalog of ACME Products is not to be missed.

Peace, yo.


  1. Hey, is that my ultra-noisy laptop you’re talking about? Michael used to tease me mercilessly about it. It never occured to me to find out WHY it was so noisy.
    Happy Birthday, BTW!!!!!

    Comment by Melanie — February 19, 2004 @ 12:20 pm

  2. It is, and it’s as quiet as a sleeping kitten now that I’ve taken the loose bolts away from the fan.

    And, thanks.

    Comment by Mike Hoye — February 19, 2004 @ 12:33 pm

  3. Yep, Happy Birthday buddy… I had the clever plan of taking you out for a drink tonight and then realized you’re in far far better hands at the moment :) All the same… happy birthday!!

    your pal

    Comment by sean — February 19, 2004 @ 1:04 pm

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