Me Like Hockey

A few moments ago, the Canucks pulled their goalie, took it down the ice and tied it up with the Flames, with 5.7 seconds left.

Strangely, I think that was the first time in my entire life I’ve actually seen that play work.

Schweet Baba Jeebus, the hockey this year. Unbelievable.

Whoops, Calgary won it anyway. That was fast.

They’ve cut straight to the sports-cliches. Wow, that was fast too.

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  1. Mike Kozlowski

    Well, obviously they’re a good team out there, and we tried out best, but in the end, they just wanted it more.

  2. Mike Hoye

    I knew we had to come out and give 110%.

  3. Melanie

    “The MOST important thing to get that win is to have a good xxx.”

    xxx = choose one of, depending on particular game circumstances:

    coaching staff,
    team spirit,
    fighting spirit,
    audience support,
    home advantage,
    night’s sleep,

  4. Jeff

    Yeah, I remember seeing that play *not* work a number of times. For ex: the 2002 Stanley Cup finals, when Carolina in desperation tried that tactic. Literally five seconds later, the Red Wings score on an empty net from halfway across the ice. Game, Series, Cup. :-)