Ear Candy

A recent BoingBoing article introduced me to “mashups”, songs that are mixed together from the instrumental track of one tune and the vocal track of another, completely different tune. I went looking for more, more, MORE! and because I’m a nice guy and I love you all very much, I’m going to share them with you.

In addition to Gomez Soul, Get Your Green On and the not-to-be-missed Stereo Kelly, the guys responsible for those tracks have also hidden away Cheeba Mortado and My Favorite Name on their awful flash website, worthy tracks all.

Elsewhere, via, I have obtained a surprising Shaggy V. The Beatles mix that defies description. And my serious guilty pleasure in all this, Jet and Christina Aguilera, which I urge you to download, no matter what you might be thinking, because it’s all kinds of fun.

Shaggy seems to be a popular victim of this process. This realaudio bit may or may not be useful, but I have in my possession a Shaggy V. RATM mix that’s absolutely world-class, and if you’ve got an inbox that can take four megabytes of the People’s Elbow, I will pass it around.

If you know about any of more of these that I should have you must provide me with linkage immediately. The power of Mike compels you! The power of Mike compels you!

Update: In fighting-for-your-right-to-party news, you need to check this out forthwith. Furthermore, if you do not shim this and this into your cranial cavities instantly, you’ll be doing yourselves a grave disservice.

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  1. sam

    My God are you Gay.

  2. Mike Hoye

    I’m just glad you didn’t say “metrosexual”.

  3. beltzner

    If you like those, you’ll definitely like the stuff you can find by dsico – that no talent hack. He was the first mash-up artist that I discovered, and his Block Rockin’ Woman never fails to make me smile. I’ve been known to simile when listening to it, as well.

  4. Mike Bruce

    You’re my hero.

    The Shaggy/Beatles one is flabbergasting.

    The Oasis/Macy Gray thing fails to make Macy Gray tolerable. Alas.