Fetchez La Vache

“What’s the damage?”

“About twelve dollars.”

“Twelve dollars?”

“Twelve Canadian dollars.”

“Wow. It’s like free food.”

That’s me and Chris Blizzard talking about the bill from last night’s culinary onslaught. Shaver and his friends are pretty cool folks to hang with.

Following yesterday’s scotch comments, Kev brought me a treat, a little hotel-bar bottle of Red Label. “I would have got a better scotch”, he said, “but none of them come in tiny little bottles.” It’s remarkable how that works. He and Coop should both come out more often, even without the scotch.

But with it is OK too.

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  1. Mike Kozlowski

    Red Label. Man, that’s pretty harsh.

  2. Mike Hoye

    Like the man says, you can’t get Macallans’ in three-ounce bottles. And justly so.

  3. kev

    And besides, was meant more as a gag (double entendre intentional) than a good toast. I have the good stuff at home, so we’ll have to a BBQ some night (maybe next weekend to close the jamboree out) and then we can toast. That said, I will have the baseball bat out, so there’ll be no five-fingers-of-Lagavulin servings (sorry).

    THursday was all goodness. Great group of people, and I am pretty sure I can make it a thursday night habit until hockey starts back up.

  4. Mike Hoye

    And the truth of the matter is that the Red Label barely made it in the door of my house alive. It was not long for this world.

  5. beltzner

    Can’t get The MacAllan 18 in a wee bottle? Sure you can, if you look hard enough.

  6. Mike Hoye

    So, so wrong.

  7. kev

    Much as I enjoyed the dinner, the transatlantic crossing and/or preplanning if ordered online from across the pond would have been very difficult. A trip to the LCBO en route, however, fit the bill. Sadly, there was not much specialty booze at the Isabella branch (it’s almost like a bank, I suppose). I will file it for next time, however, ’cause that’s actually pretty funny. I have been unable to find blue label minis, tho’… (that said, I’ve never understood why Blue Label is so expensive, the two times I’ve had it, I haven’t been impressed).

  8. geofford

    Saw a bottle of Blue Label in New Brunswick with a list price nearly three times that of a bottle of Dalwhinnie. Seems excessive.