Dude, you’re getting a bucket of parts.

Two or three months ago, I noticed that Dell had issued a recall on some of its power adapters, including a model that I happened to own a few of; one came with the laptop, and two more I got second-hand when I was replacing the first because of a fraying wire near the connector.

So I went to the aforementioned recall site, entered my information and clicked through to the end, where I got a confirmation. But wait, I wondered, I’ve got a new address; did I get that right? So I clicked back, and then forward again. A few weeks later, I hadn’t seen them yet, so a month and a half ago I called Dell at the number they listed, and asked why I hadn’t received my order yet. They took my e-mail address, and said they’d look into it.

Today, I received nine brand-new Dell laptop power adapters in the mail.


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  1. Anatole

    Wait … are you serious? I’ve got a busted one that sadly was not on the recall list. Can you spare any? ;)

  2. Mike Hoye

    I am precisely, mathematically serious: I am now in possession of nine (9) power adapters for my Dell Inspiron 3800.

    I’d be glad to provide you with one.

  3. Anatole

    And then there were eight.

    Thanks, Mike. Very much appreciated!

  4. elliot

    Hey, can I take one? My cubicle neighbour, Ken, says he could use it. Drop me a line.

    And then there were seven.