Funny story about being an admin: my users are virtually never the problem. Sometimes it’s me, I’ll admit. But the people who’ve created the tools that I have to support? They’re almost always the problem.

I mean, Jesus Christ. It’s 2004. We’ve had arbitrary-precision integers for almost fifty years and you’ve put a dialog box on my screen telling me your product will fall over dealing with a short int overflow?

Fuck off.


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    That’s almost as bad as the Hashcash draft standard, which, while designed in 2002, uses 2-digit years. It even includes a convoluted method of interpreting them as 4-digit years. *thwap*

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    The wonderful, glorious, delerious part of my job is that when someone does something stupid, I phone them.

    I say hi to their SO at 3am, and make them get out of bed and VPN in. I call their boss to tell them what a fuckup they are, and I get to make everyone suffer.

    One clown, last night, has been particularly bad. Yes, a 12-cpu Sun E5500 with something stupid like 24G of RAM was unable to convert a float to an integer because this codemonkey used a smaller int in the code than was allowed in the database — TO SAVE RAM — because he didn’t think it would likely need that much space. We’re talking about a byte or two of memory here.

    So I woke him up at 2am, for the fourth day in a row (different problems), as well as his manager and two of his peers on the same team, and kept them up for 3 hours making them fixitnow.

    His girlfriend is pissed.

    I giggle.

    We’re hiring.

  3. Mike Hoye
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    I just wanted to add that the fact that the dialog box title is “test of courage” really polishes that turd to a fine, glossy finish.