One of the things about beta software is that it’s very easily abused to comic effect.

Consider Google Maps:

They practically write themselves.

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  1. beltzner

    Do you figure these results come from drawing on their normal search index and trying to come up with the most relevant “local” results?

    Still, it’s hard not to think someone was messing with the results for insufferable whiners in Washington, D.C.

  2. Mike Hoye

    I figured that’s what it is, and it turns Google Maps into an geographic opinion aggregator rather than an actual place- or thing-finder once you start searching for adjectives instead of nouns. I wonder if they’ll be able to combine this with their Blogger tools, so that I can figure out who all the wierdos in my neighborhood are?

  3. beltzner

    It already seems to have a good idea.

  4. Mike Hoye

    True. I’m really not sure why the Canadian Association of University Teachers would be on the list of freaks near ottawa, ontario, but I’m not surprised at all to find the Fringe Festival there.