Late last night, in a situation that a sane mind could not possibly believe would lend itself to the consequent imagery, it occurred to me that the condition of having hair on one’s palms should be referred to as “smegmata”.

I was washing a plastic cutting board in my kitchen sink when this came tumbling out of the back of my brain.

Humans, the story goes, only 10% of their brains. If this is the stuff that it spits out, I’m terrified by what the other 90% of my brain must be doing with all that free time. Nevertheless, it is not terribly original, so I suggest not searching Google for my new word.

Update: Steve Martin needs to star in a Yakuza-themed gangster movie called “My Two Heavens”.

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  1. Sean

    Because you’ll want to know this:
    “smegmata” is greek for “washing balls”. So, your usage is somewhat apt ;)

  2. Mike Hoye

    Way to feed the beast, Sean.